Deep-frozen ready-to-eat fish products for HoReCa


Deep-frozen fish for HoReCa

Storage temperature

…° C to -18° C

Package type

Plastic bag / Card box

Net weight

300g plastic bag /
4 kg card box

Shelf life

18 months

DGM Shipping specializes on producing gluten-free fish products for the sector of food services (HoReCa).
Gluten-free products are made of headless and gutted fish, and contain NO additives, such as preservatives, flavor enhancers, or coloring substances.

The products are rich in minerals and micronutrients such as, but not limited to –
Omega 3, Phosphorus, Calcium while containing extremely low levels of sodium if
compared to similar products on the global market.

The final product is produced within hours from the time when fish was caught. The company never uses frozen materials in our production lines. The products are branded Epinell, which is the second brand of the company. There are two types of fish that is used for the deep-frozen gluten-free products:

  • fried brisling in gluten-free breading
  • fried Baltic herring in gluten-free breading.


Fried and breaded brisling / Baltic herring, also gluten free or with rye breading
This ready made product only needs to be warmed up in the oven or deep fried to make it into a delicious snack! The products have been produced out of fresh ingredients and they only have a small amount of added salt and pepper! Please use the following methods of heating products to make full use of its taste.

Pan 5-7 min.

Deep fryer 180 degrees 2-3 min.

Oven 190 degrees 12-18 min.

Chilled ready-to-eat fish products (PET package or metal can)


Chilled fish products

Storage temperature

0° C to 6° C

Package type

Plastic tray (PET)

Net weight

270 g

Shelf life

12 months

The flavors of the new product line: Fried Sardines in kimchi sauce / Fried Sardines in jelly

Fried Sardines in spicy sauce / Fried Sardines in mustard sauce / Fried Sardines in tomato sauce.

– The Products are ideal for small grocery stores with a low number of daily visitors, where a longer product’s shelf life is a highly desired feature
– Thanks to a unique technology, these products contain no preservatives, nor additives; also, their shelf life is 9 months with a storage temperature +6° C
– Even in case this type of product is stored for a few days at room temperature + 25°C, the product will retain its gustatory qualities and this fact will not affect the longevity of product’s shelf life
– The special technological process has made it possible to preserve the traditional flavors of the products and reduce the salt content to a minimum (less than 1%)
– The ultra light and strong PET packaging made of 100% recyclable plastic is two times lighter
than the traditional PP packaging. This makes the product more advantageous for the retailers
and consumers (the packaging waste/recycle tax is two times lower)

Сlassic Scandinavian Anchovy


Chilled fish products

Storage temperature

0° C to 6° C

Package type


Net weight

140 g

Shelf life

6 months

Сlassic Scandinavian Anchovy 145 g

Scandinavian anchovy fillets have an incredibly soft and tender, melt-in-the-mouth texture and a distinctive piquant flavor.
Seasoning of the fish is composed of such spices as cinnamon, cardamom, pepper, sandalwood, and ginger.

The Scandinavian anchovies could be served on top of bread slices, much like other herrings or sprats.
We recommend the following recipe of a delicious sandwich: rye bread slices with hard-boiled eggs, chives, and Scandinavian anchovy fillets.

Janssonfileet  145 g

Scandinavian Baltic herring fillets have an incredibly soft and tender, melt-in-the-mouth texture and a distinctive piquant flavor.
Seasoning of the fish is composed of such spices as cinnamon, cardamom, pepper, sandalwood, and ginger..

Canned ready-to-eat fish products


Canned fish products

Storage temperature

0° C to 25 °C

Package type

Metal can

Net weight

135 g / 140 g

Shelf life

36 months

Fried Sardines in kimchi sauce 140 g

This product harmoniously combines
traditional Baltic herring and the sauce
inspired by the oriental cuisine. The pleasant
flavor and texture encourage even the
people who have never eaten fish before to
discover fish products for the first time.

Fried Sardines in Spicy sauce 140 g

The same classic tomato sauce was complemented
with roasted red chili pepper, a handful of spices
and zest of a lemon. Serve it with rice or crusty bread,
and it will become your new favorite.

Fried Sardines in Mustard sauce 135 g

The fried sardines in sweet creamy mustard
sauce introduces the favorite flavors from the
Nordic cuisine. The fish is delicious served
together with fries or grilled vegetables.

Fried Sardines in Tomato sauce 140 g

The classic tomato sauce was used to recreate
the familiar and loved by many nostalgic flavors,
that reminds about taste of traditional dishes
(from childhood). This product is among the
most appreciated by consumers of all ages.

Grilled Brisling Sardines

A healthy alternative to smoked sardines


Produced in a large grill. Production capacity is more than 1 000 000 cans per month.


Absence of carcinogens arising from smoking or processing with liquid smoke.


Delivery of fish from the moment of catch by our vessels to the plant within 2-3 hours.


The unique taste of this product is based on the exclusive production from freshly caught non-frozen fish.


The hand stacking of each can guarantees the exceptional quality of the product.

Grilled Brisling Sardines in Oil 140g

Very tender and hearty product at the same
time. Due to the use of natural spices and
minimal salt, the fish retains its natural
flavour and nutritional properties.

Grilled Brisling Sardines in Tomato Sauce 140g

Grilled sardines in classic tomato sauce are
one of the most popular types of canned
food. Finest quality, wild-caught brisling
sardines in a popular and zesty sauce made
from tangy, sun-ripened tomatoes.

Grilled Brisling Sardines in Olive Oil 140g

The excellent combination of grilled
sardines and natural olive oil has won the
hearts of many gourmets.

Grilled Brisling Sardines in Piquant Sauce 140g

The same classic tomato sauce with the
addition of chili peppers and spices is used.
This product is distinguished by its
moderately spicy and tangy flavour.

Grilled Brisling Sardines in Wine Sauce 140g

The stunning, exquisite wine sauce,
enhanced by the taste of grilled fish with a
smoky aroma is the main secret of the product. 

Grilled sardines in Kimchi Sauce 140g

Harmoniously combining fish with spicy
oriental kimchi sauce, it offers a brilliant
flavour experience and encourages everyone
to taste it, even those who have not eaten
fish before.

Grilled sardines in Spring Water 140g

This product is suitable for people who lead
a healthy lifestyle and watch their diet. It
has a natural flavour and minimum amount
of salt. For more taste, it can be sprinkled
with lemon, wine, sherry vinegar or olive oil
to make it an appetising snack.

Deep frozen

100% Natural

Wild fish

High protein content


Low in salt

No preservatives

No natrium chloride

No additives

Private Label

Besides the existing flavor choices or product range, we are ready to develop any flavor for your liking, as well as could offer our products for the Private Label

We guarantee to our partners:


  • High quality.
  • Complete range.
  • Timely delivery.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • Loyalty for regular clients.
  • Special terms and conditions for large wholesale buyers.

We are ready to cooperate with anyone who is interested in the quality fish products steady supply.


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