The history of the brand BRIIS began in 1994 with fishing and fish processing in DGM Shipping company. At the moment we have 89 employees and the core capital is 5 million euros and the investments exceed 1 million euros a year.

The introduction of advanced technological solutions at each stage of fish products manufacturing and storage helped us achieve both our products high quality and highly efficient manufacturing routines at each stage of production, thus allowing us to offer our clients competitive prices in many countries of the world.

To achieve these goals, we have created our modern fishing fleet and built one of the best processing plants with a refrigerated warehouse in Estonia.

BRIIS is a renowned brand throughout Estonia which successfully exports its products to European countries, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, and the USA.

Our mission

High-quality and organic fish food products manufacturing

Our goals

  1. Long-term cooperation with partners on mutually beneficial terms.
  2. To take leading market positions based on perfect quality.

Our own fishing fleet

Only a few hours pass from harvesting to processing.

As a result, only fresh fish gets into our production facilities.

Modern European equipment

Our company has introduced modern technology to ensure our fish products high quality.

The equipment for our plant was purchased and installed thanks to the joint funding by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund in 2013 and 2015.

A team of professionals works at our production facilities to process fresh fish. They are engaged in harvesting, preserving and processing seafood utilizing the most advanced production methods.


BRIIS ТМ guarantees its products perfect quality controlling the entire production process at all its stages.

Due to our own fishing fleet, we provide an uninterrupted fresh fish supply to our production base and ensure its prompt processing.

We are a certified company in compliance with FDA and HACCP standards. This fact shows that we take care of our products quality and safety and comply with all European standards in food production.

Sustainable development survey

Baltic sprats and Baltic herring belong to sustainable species of biological resources and are able to withstand a relatively high level of fishing pressure.

The fish, used in our products, are harvested in compliance with the EU quotas requirements.

All these facts speak for our steadiness and are a reliable base for our partners’ business stability.

We guarantee to our partners:

  • High quality.
  • Complete range.
  • Timely delivery.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • Loyalty for regular clients.
  • Special terms and conditions for large wholesale buyers.

We are ready to cooperate with any clients – be they large restaurant chains or stand-alone catering businesses – with everyone who is interested in the high-quality fresh fish products steady supply.


Phone: +372 6386983

Faks: +372 6370107



Nurmevälja str. 1

74114 Maardu, Estonia

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